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How to Overcome the 

Top 5 Challenges

for New Men's Coaches

Monday, October 4th, 2021 with Andrew Belinsky

Learn to Navigate the Most Common Stuck Spots Facing New Coaches

Attract Next-Level Clients with Ease

Learn the keys to proper branding and promotion during the early coaching years.

Sell Your Services  with Confidence

Upgrade your enrollment process to the status of sacred & never feel "sales-y" again. 

Ensure Your Clients

Achieve their Goals 

Learn the tools and protocols that support clients in winning big & writing epic testimonials.

See why men's coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world

With the opportunity to build your own fully-aligned brand and scale it at your own pace, this career gives driven leaders the chance to create the job of their dreams.

Do you want access to battle-tested tools for building a sustainable coaching career?

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    Are you serious about creating a profitable passion-based business?
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    Do you want to build unshakeable confidence in the promotion and selling of your services?
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    Do you desire complete work-life sovereignty, including calendar, location and financial freedom?

come thrive with us.  

Join Andrew Belinsky, Founder of Masculine Embodiment Facilitator (and Jed.i Husband Training and more), and the team for How to Overcome the Top 5 Challenges for New Men's Coaches.

Are you a man who aspires to build a thriving coaching practice?

Are you wellness provider who is ready to build an abundant full-time career as a coach?

Save the headaches that come from  unstable business practices and learn from Andrew the 5 must-knows for any new coach in the field.

In this LIVE event, Andrew will share with you the EXACT steps that he has used to help men across the globe attract new clients and 2, 5, and even 10X their package prices.

What You'll Learn in the Webinar

How To Own Your Worth And Never Feel Like An Imposter Again

Leveraging Your Network (Even If You Aren't On Social Media)

Get Clear on "Job Security" In The Coaching Sector

How To Sell Confidently Without Being Pushy

The Truth About Narrowing Your Target Audience

Getting quality clients and launching an abundant coaching business should be simple and exciting!

It doesn't have to be painful. In fact, if it is, you're doing it wrong.

Do you want to know exactly how I built a 6-figure coaching business working a fraction of the fewer hours than ever before?

Over the past year, I've met hundreds of coaches that are struggling to make ends meet. It sucks because the men who have the most medicine to give in the world are barely making a living, sometimes working 50+ hours a week for minimum wage at a job that sucks their soul.

The problem is that too many coaches get started off on the wrong foot, being sold business coaching programs that teach complicated marketing strategies.

Many of these coaches are stuck--they have no new clients coming in and no idea what direction to go from here,

Between running Masculine Embodiment Facilitator, Kingship Council Mastermind and our free trainings and coaching, my bandwidth is limited for how many coaches we can support.

That's why I created this efficient and FREE Masterclass. Steal this proven playbook and re-spark your business ASAP.

We have limited space, so join the How to Overcome the Top 5 Challenges now.

let's do this

In 90 minutes, I'll personally teach you the fundamental mindsets and skillsets that every new coach MUST embody.

The information in this Masterclass comes from over 15 years and $50k + invested in business coaching.

In the last year alone I have tested and confirmed that these methodologies work with dozens of coaches.

In this Masterclass I've distilled the wisdom down so you get the juiciest nuggets.

The value of this Masterclass is well over $1000. Honestly, my team thinks I'm nuts to offer this to you at such a huge discount. I may live to regret this.

But, truth be told, I have no choice.  That's because I have made a commitment to support and inspire coaches to build prosperous coaching careers and live a life of utter freedom while serving their clients with maximum positive impact.

Because humanity is in dire need of more coaches.

So I ask that ONLY coaches who are serious and fully committed to using this information to sell their services that actually help people.

If you can agree to that, then I'm happy to share this invaluable information with you at no cost beyond 90 minutes of your time.

About Andrew Belinsky

Andrew is a coach, serial entrepreneur and Founder of Jed.i Husband Training and Masculine Embodiment Facilitator and mentor to entrepreneurs around the globe. Over the past decade, he’s helped launch several successful brands and partnered with many of the top transformational coaches on the planet — supporting them to grow and optimize their businesses in a systematic and magical way.

When COVID hit he saw many of his peers and colleagues in the men's work field looking to step fully into their purpose as coaches, so he started The Kingship Council Business Mastermind to help men with spiritual services create profitable online businesses.  It was in this 'buffer time" that he saw the huge gap in the industry that Kingship Council was filling. By the beginning of 2021 his team had grown a global community of hundreds of coaches - supporting many of them to double, triple and quadruple their businesses.

October 4th 5-6:30pm PST

A $1000+ value for free.

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