Masculine Embodiment Journey

7-Week Container for men

Become More of the Vital, Present and Loving Man You Truly Are

Masculine Embodiment

Is Man's Journey to Become His True Self 

Masculine Power

Masculine Embodiment is...

A man holding himself and others accountable for all actions and words.

Masculine Embodiment is...

A man doing the work to break patrilineal cycles of trauma and oppression.

Masculine Embodiment is...

A man courageously and continuously unearthing the shadow and the light within him.

Real Loving Presence

Masculine Embodiment is...

A man fully owning his inherent worthiness and reflecting that to everyone he meets.

This Program is for You If...

You have old habits/ways of being ready to fall away.

You're ready to stop the cycles of numbing, distracting or self-sabotage.

You crave more connected and authentic relationships.

Be it deeper brotherhood, more mature community or lasting romance, you're ready.

You feel called to hold deeper space for others.

You know you are capable of stepping into deeper service for your friends, family and clients.

You want to exude masculine ease and confidence.

You are ready to work through feelings of inadequacy in the presence of other embodied men. 

You want to level up your daily self-care practice.

Your morning practice is ready for more potent movement, breath and meditation practices.

Are you feeling the call?

Apply now--limited availability

What Men Are Saying About Masculine Embodiment Journey

“Working with Andrew has been some of the most instrumental work that I’ve done in my life."

"I express myself better and am much more open on a variety of levels. Learning yoga, sound and meditation with Andrew has helped me to make my voice stronger, to be more playful and to be more in love with myself.”

- Doctor of Medicine, Musician, Father

"I walked away with a deeper knowing of my own worth, which is invaluable."

"Being seen and seeing other men doing the work IS the medicine."

- Personal Trainer

“The program assisted me in gaining control of my body again and helped me with getting overall health back in order.."

"He knows how to push me to get more out of me each time we work together. Besides his physical leadership, he is a pleasure to work with on getting your mind back in a calm place. Spiritual, physical and friendly, this is the combination that I enjoy with Andrew."

- Baja 500 Racer, Serial Entrepreneur, Father

“This work is so very deep."

It'll take me a long time to integrate it fully, and I feel well-prepared for that. And now that I have, all I can say is wow, this is some real ass shit. I am so stoked to continue this work ."

- Father, Husband, Uber Driver

"100% worth the investment."

"Think of it as a commitment you're making to yourself and your relationships. The TWO MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE."

- Empowerment MTB Coach, Husband, Father

"I'm definitely feeling a shift so far."

"Especially to where I hold tension and ease, strength and weakness. I am more conscious of my breathing. I find that I've been afraid because of specific traumas in my past. There's a shift in consciousness and appreciation for my voice."

Dan Almog
- Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur
Wil Fisher

"I grew more confident in the value of my gifts ."

"I now understand how to own my brilliance and claim my dharma and its value. I feel like I sit taller in my throne."

Wil Fisher
- Podcast Host, Coach for Queer Men
Adam Tutor

"I'm saying yes to the man I've wanted to say yes to, who's been knocking on my door for a long time."

"Now I'm seeing the flow of abundance, joy, response come back. I'm taking myself seriously and doing things right for maybe the first time in my life—my heart it is in it."

Adam Tutor
- Musician, Mentor for the Masculine
Todd Cover

“I stepped into my true power and full potential.”

"I now have a better understanding of my shadow in being around other powerful men and the ability to move through that.”

Todd Cover
- Transformational Coach, Event Producer
Angel Be

"I've been doing men's work for decades and doing this work gave me the confidence and community I needed to get clear on my purpose."

I highly suggest this training for any man who believes he has a role to play in the return of the healthy father archetype to Planet Earth."

Angel Be
- Coach for Fathers
Andrew Anunciation

"It has been invaluable to have the experience and gain the knowledge and skills to help transform my trauma and become a more free and evolved being."

Andrew Anunciation
- Owner of Cacao King
Andrew Belinsky

Healthy Father, Caring Husband and Creator of Masculine Embodiment Journey

About the Facilitator

Men's work found me in the knick of time. In 2012 I was 27 years old, giving it a shot as a musician in NYC. I was smoking my lungs to death, binge-eating my gut to oblivion, and wasting my vitality on pornography. On paper, I was doing OK--able to hold down a restaurant job, getting laid now and again, and playing shows with my band. But on the inside, I was deeply depressed and feeling very lost.

My life forever changed when a friend invited me on a men's weekend and I finally discovered what it meant to belong. To be surrounded by men who were doing deep healing work, and truly connected to their hearts, I finally felt like I belonged somewhere. Brotherhood.

Opening up about my shadows created a cascade effect in my life. With the help of many more men's retreats (MKP, Sacred Sons), therapy, addiction recovery, and plant medicine and I stopped smoking, healed my gut and attracted true love. I also invested heavily in my personal growth through yoga (RYT-500) and coaching training which I have been grateful to be able to share with men all over the world.

The deep inner work was all right on time, since my beloved and I brought a daughter into the world in 2017. Commence next phase of men's work.

It is my humble honor to facilitate online and in-person men's programs, for groups and individuals.

Honoring The Voices Of Dissent

Scroll below through the three most common objections that tend to come up for men. If they don't resonate for you, feel free to skip over this section.

"I'm Not In A Position To Make A Financial Investment"

The truth is: few men ever are. Probably less than .01% of men have a "men's work" budget allotment.

The truth also is: if a man wants this (or any) training badly enough, he will find a way to make the financials work. Men in the past have taken out credit lines, asked family-members or friends for loans, and even created GoFundMe campaigns. Not one time has he ever regretted it.

The big question is: how does the belief of "I'm not worth the investment" show up in other arenas in your life?

You are invited to stretch the limits of your giving--this is the only way to stretch your capacity to receive.

Many men earn their investment back in the first few months of the program. Other men earn it back over time through the clarity and confidence gained in this program.

Whenever and however, this program may be the greatest investment you've ever made in yourself and give you returns of a nature you've never before imagined.

"I Don't Have The Time Or Energy To Do Deep Work Right Now"

When you align your lifestyle with you purpose, magic happens. You will access endless creative life force energy and boundless inspiration. The work is no longer work, but simply an extension of your personal practice.

Waking up early for your practice will no longer drain you. Spending time after work with friends or family will not longer dull you. 

Aligning daily action with your purpose to heal and integrate will fill up your tank, not deplete it.

"This Won't Fly With My Partner"

This objection is for you if you share decision-making authority with another person.

Making a sizable time and money commitment can be nerve-wracking to a family dynamic. And often, this is just the shake-up that families need to break out of stagnant dynamics.

If you are in a joint-partnership, before enrolling in this training you are required either a) to get approval from your spouse or b) to create a new decision-making paradigm.

For some men, this means having the conversation that you have been avoiding with your partner. Look at this as an opportunity.

Shift the conversation from, "Can I have your permission" to "Will you partner with me on this?" 

This moment may be a defining moment for both of you and your relationship.

It is wildly courageous to step into circle with new men, to allow your defenses to drop, and to be truly seen.

When a man allows his heart to be held by another man, both men heal.

The healing ripples out into our bloodlines, relationships and communities.

We transmute the collective father wound when we gather in circle.

This is the ancient way, long forgotten, and now returning.

What Sets Masculine Embodiment Journey Apart From Other Programs

Men's work is a growing field. There aren't a ton of options out there, but there are a few. Here are a few ways that the Masculine Embodiment Journey is different.

Masculine Embodiment

  • Inner-work first, always: This is the only way to truly lead.
  • Practice-Based: Daily posture, breath, meditation work.
  • Rigorous Curriculum: 7-weeks + 1-on-1 + homework (~50 hrs)
  • 1-on-1 Mentorship: Private sessions, all with lead instructor.
  • Therapist-Reviewed: All protocols are trauma-informed.

Other Trainings

  • Skills training first: "Inner work later, if you want to."
  • Conceptual learning:  Heady, theoretical curriculum.
  • Laissez Faire Program: Leaky container, show up here and there
  • Mentorship Not Included: Private calls only available for extra $.
  • Irresponsible Processes: Shadow work often isn't integrated.

What's Included In The 7-Week Masculine Embodiment Journey

  • 7 In-Person Sessions (2 hrs, in Bend, OR or virtually)
  • Unlimited Spot-Coaching Support (Walkie Talkie App)
  • Weekly Yoga Home Study (Video and PDF Diagrammatic Flow)
  • Priority Registration Access for Upcoming Events and Workshops

Our Commitment To Anti-Oppression and Inclusivity

Masculine Embodiment Journey is committed to standing up to the systematic oppression of marginalized individuals and communities. As part of this commitment, we offer scholarships to BIPOC, GBTQ, non-cis and individuals from other less privileged communities. In addition, a portion of tuition proceeds go to the Warm Springs Clean Water Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this training for men only?

What are the program dates?

What days/times are the sessions?

Where does it take place?

What if it rains/snows?

What if I can't make all of the sessions?

What is tuition price?

What if I want more 1-on-1 support?

P.S.: If you would like more details, they will be provided for you on a complimentary phone call. Apply by clicking here and arranging a 30-minute call.

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