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Men Are In Need Of Your Unique Medicine

We are experiencing a crisis in masculinity.

With the modern age has come the fading away of the father from homes and the disappearance of masculine elders from our communities. 

Most boys today have little concept of what it means to be a mature man because the rites of passage into manhood have all but disappeared.


The sad truth is that that our grandfathers have been emasculated. Corporate slavery, war PTSD, addiction, and sexual abuse have rendered our Grandfathers depressed and dejected.

Elderly Man

In the absence of the Wise Man, today's boys seek their initiation into adulthood wherever they can get it; they often count on the women, gangs, celebrities and politicians to guide their way to maturity.

Old School Masculinity


The absence of the Healthy Father is evident in the prevalence of sexual abuse, divorce, addiction and incarceration in the male population.

Simultaneously the rate of suicides in young girls is through the roof. 

All the while, men in power continue to rape the Earth of its precious resources.

The Window Of Opportunity For Reversing Man's Destruction Of Earth Is Quickly Closing

It is now clear that we can no longer count on politicians, religious leaders or corporate heads to make decisions that truly benefit humanity. The days of the Good King, the Selfless Priest and the Peaceful Warrior are all but gone.

And so, it is up to each and every one of us to embody Heart-Centered Leadership like our Forefathers never did.

It's all hands on deck! We need every brilliant mind and ambitious soul possible to activate their full potential in the name of true service.

If You Have A Unique Gift It Is Your Duty To Cultivate It And Share It With The World

When a man makes the conscious decision to live in alignment with his higher Self, he becomes truly Free. He becomes becomes Unshakeable. He becomes Immortal.

When Zach Made The Choice To Step Fully Onto His Path As A Guide For Men, It Wasn't Only His Life That Changed

Zach was brought up in a typical Christian, suburban household in the USA. As an only child, he often craved the connection of brotherhood, a void that he only partially filled through sports, school, church and video games. In his teens he began seeking this fulfillment in sex with women, partying and over-achieving in school.

Fresh out of college, Zach landed a corporate job and quickly worked his way up the ladder to a managerial position. Within 5 years had purchased his own house and decked it out with all of the nice things a person could want.

Soon Zach Began To Feel An Emptiness Inside

By his mid 20s, his acquisitions and achievements began to lose their sheen. His addictions intensified and he isolated. His relationships fell apart and his health suffered.

Lonely Man

At age 29 his therapist diagnosed him with depression and prescribed him anti-depressants. The medication made him groggy and killed his libido, furthering his depression and isolation. He was in a tailspin.

 Then He Did A Brave Thing: He Reached Out For Help

After a few attempts, Zach got sober and cleaned up his daily habits. The light in his eyes started to return, but he still felt like there was something missing. He continued to struggle to connect deeply with family, friends and lovers.

At age 32, Zach had an encounter that would change his path forever. At a friend's birthday he noticed a man that embodied a certain powerful presence. Though slight of stature and not particularly attractive, this man exuded confidence. Men and women alike seemed to be at ease in his presence and his vibe was stern, yet somehow playful.

In a brief conversation with this man, Zach felt more seen and heard by a stranger than ever before in his life.

The man then asked him a question that changed the course of his life forever.

"Do you sit in circle with men?"

Zach didn't quite know what the man meant, in fact, at first he felt agitated by the question. But curiosity won out and he said, "I'm willing to try."

On a rainy night, Zach showed up at a chiropractic office and stepped into his first men's circle experience. That event was one of the most uncomfortable and enlightening experiences of his life. As he and the other men laid their hands on a weeping man, something inside of Zach shifted.

"Oh my God. I've never seen a grown man cry before."

Upon realizing this, Zach wept too. Many of the men were emotional and they all held one another.

Men Hugging

"Healthy masculinity. This is what I've been missing."

That night, a huge weight lifted in Zach. Finding authentic brotherhood was the missing piece for him in his healing journey.

In the years that followed, Zach participated in numerous masculine rites of passage. He also began staffing weekends and even hired a men's embodiment coach to help him build his confidence.

Almost instantly Zach started getting reflections from friends and peers that they noticed a change in the way he held himself.

The shift was most evident in his relationships.

  • At work he was being looked to as the go-to man for holding space for resolving disputes.
  • His love-life started thriving as he gained access to his emotions and learned how to make his lovers feel safe and seen.
  • Even his relationship with his parents shifted as he was less reactive and more loving to them.

The most incredible part of this journey for Zach is the healing that has rippled out from there.

His deepened relationship with his parents has set an example for family members to come back into connection after years of estrangement.

His vulnerable leadership in the workplace routinely affects his co-workers in a positive way. He often get's feedback that his lunchtime chats with peers create huge shifts in their own home-lives.

Though Zach has yet to meet the "love of his life," his intimate relationships are drama-free and deeply connective for the first time ever.

Zach Heeded The Call To Be Of Service To Men

Zoom Men

In 2020 Zach stepped fully onto his path as a mentor for men. Through his 1-on-1 clients and group programs he has already impacted dozens of men with his inspirational story, his grounded guidance and his accountability support.

Testimonials from his mentees claim working with Zach "saved my marriage," "gave me the support to finally quit drinking," and even "saved my life during lockdown."

By Fall 2021 Zach will make the courageous step from part-time to full-time facilitator of men. He focuses on men with addiction challenges, helping them build inner resilience so they can have the relationships beyond their wildest dreams. 

His work is literally saving lives. 

The Three Reasons Men Want To Work With Zach

Hint: it's not his resume, his trophy wife, or his degrees...

He serves from a place of personal experience and tells his story of struggle and triumph.

He serves humbly and stays vulnerable by continuously digging deeper into inner work.

He is studious and continues to level up his training in the way of masculine facilitation.

Masculine Facilitation Is Much More Than A Skillset

It Is A Lifelong Path

Masculine Power

Masculine Facilitation is...

Systematically holding a man accountable to his highest self.

Loving Father and Husband

Masculine Facilitation is...

Dutifully helping fathers, husbands and sons become the healers of their own hearts.

Men in Chairs

Masculine Facilitation is...

Continuously inviting men into deeper self inquiry and awareness.

Real Loving Presence

Masculine Facilitation is...

A lifelong commitment to unearthing the King inside each and every man, self included.

How To Know When It's Your Time To Come Out As A Facilitator For Men

You sometimes feel like you're not fully using your gifts.

You have skillsets, trainings or innate medicine that are gathering dust on the shelf. 

Friends or family say tell you: "You should be a counselor or a healer."

 You're often the peacemaker and people call you up for advice. In your current work you are successful because you know how to listen and ask deep questions.

You see other men doing your dream work and think, "I can do that."

You have also become very picky about who you receive healing/counsel from. You even sometimes give constructive feedback to other facilitators.

You are ALREADY in a position of spiritual service to men in your network.

You sometimes think, "I wish I could do deep work like this all the time." You have an idea of a unique method or combination of skills that you have been dreaming of bringing to the world.

You are ALREADY a facilitator and are feeling the call to focus on men specifically.

Your male clients get greater results than your female clients. Or most of your clients are female and you don't feel fully in integrity about it.

What Is Your Unique Masculine Medicine & Who Will You Serve?

It doesn't take social media popularity or a counseling degree become a men's work facilitator.

It simply takes choosing a mentor you trust, finding an aligned peer group & learning the basics of masculine facilitation.
Here are a few men who are making livelihoods out of their soul gifts:
Angel Be

relationship coach

Angel Be

Angel helps fathers step into authentic leadership so they can uncover the truest and most loving version of themselves.

Todd Cover

Event producer

Todd Cover

Todd guides men to rewrite outdated mindsets and beliefs so they can discover their most limitless potential.

Marc Adams Real

Grief specialist

Marc Adams

Marc helps men process stuck emotions and master their daily habits so they can be the best fathers and partners possible.

No More Waiting--It's Time To Own Your Gold

If you've read this far, you've been called forth.

If the stories of the men above have stirred something up in you, you've been called forth.

Here's the truth: this calling is not up to you. True Kings are chosen by the people, by the elder women and/or by Divine to be a servant of humanity.

There is no greater honor than to be called up to this role.

There is no greater dishonor to disregard it.

Are You Ready To Live For Something More?

It is your time to fully step into service and become a

Masculine Embodiment Facilitator

Brother, have done much inner work. You have taken huge steps toward becoming the hero of your own life.

Of course the work is never done.

But now it is time to step into service and leadership.

The Masculine Embodiment Facilitator Training and Certification is a robust and comprehensive experiential group program for men who are ready to step into their mission and unleash their medicine to the world.

The 6 Pillars of the Masculine Embodiment Facilitator (MEF)

  1. 1
    Ancient Embodiment Wisdom: As MEFs we lean into an authentic and thriving embodiment lineage so we can lead men from a place of true inner knowing.
  2. 2
    Rigorous Inner Work: As MEFs we initiate ourselves on the deepest levels of our inner being: body, energy, emotion, mind and spirit.
  3. 3
    1-on-1 and Peer Support: As MEFs we are fully supported with 1-on-1 mentorship plus a deeply committed brotherhood peer group.
  4. 4
    Professional Development: As MEF's we fully commit to serve men at the highest level and to receive proper energetic exchange. We launch, fill and deliver on our programs with confidence and efficiency. 
  5. 5
    Anti-Oppression Commitment: As MEF's we own our privilege and move beyond masculine fragility. We build appropriate social responsibility into our business models so we can give back to communities that are less privileged than us.
  6. 6
    Trauma-Informed Curriculum: As MEFs we are confident in our shadow work facilitation through trauma-sensitivity training and clinical therapist-reviewed protocols.

What Men Are Saying About Masculine Embodiment Facilitation

Wil Fisher

"I grew more confident in the value of my gifts and was reminded of the cruciality of bringing my gifts through in a big way."

"I now understand how to own my brilliance and claim my dharma and its value. I feel like I sit taller in my throne."

The program is a diving board to finding tools and strategies to build a successful and sustainable path.”

Wil Fisher
- Masculine Embodiment Facilitator
Adam Tutor

"To have something that is my own and that I’m excited about, I’m infinitely grateful."

"Launching my program, I finally got to see how natural a teacher I am. The men who have showed up are seeing great transformation in a short time. Their significant others are seeing the change too. That’s 5 weeks. I’m humbled by their journeys and their trust." 

"I'm saying yes to the man I’ve wanted to say yes to, who’s been knocking on my door for a long time. Now I'm seeing the flow of abundance, joy, response come back. I'm taking myself seriously and doing things right for maybe the first time in my life—my heart it is in it."

Adam Tutor
- Masculine Embodiment Facilitator
Todd Cover

“I stepped into my true power and full potential in working with men.”

"Serving men in my programs has given me a sense of achievement, gratitude and courage within myself as well as deep humility. I can now meet men where they’re at and confidently share wisdom from my own experience."

Plus I now have a better understanding of my shadow in being around other powerful men and the ability to move through that.”

Todd Cover
- Masculine Embodiment Facilitator

Join The Global Movement Of Healthy Masculine Leadership And Surrender To Your Dharma

Whether this calling is a passion project, side hustle or full-time career, now is the time for to grab your purpose by the balls.

Apply now by clicking below and hold your spot in the next training cohort beginning May, 20221. 

Men All Over The World Are Creating Healing Spaces For The Masculine

Taylor Houchens

"The men’s program I created as a result of this work was potent and palpable."

“My branding clarified through this work: who am I, what do I believe in, what are my values?"

If you are serious about developing your unique offering to men, take the step."

Taylor Houchens
- Masculine Embodiment Facilitator
Angel Be

"The program had the structure I needed to finally create my group program."

"I've been doing men's work for decades and doing this work gave me the confidence and community I needed to get clear on my men's work platform."

I highly suggest this training for any man who believes he has a role to play in the return of the healthy father archetype to Planet Earth."

Angel Be
- Masculine Embodiment Facilitator
Andrew Anunciation

"I have learned the fundamentals of how to have a men’s coaching practice."

"Through this work I've been able to support men in guiding them to evolve themselves."

It has been invaluable to have the experience and gain the knowledge and skills to help transform men's trauma and help them to become free and evolved beings."

Andrew Anunciation
- Masculine Embodiment Facilitator
Andrew Belinsky

Creator of Masculine Embodiment Facilitator

About the Creator

For over a decade Andrew Belinsky has been building a community of men across the globe who are committed to the path of personal growth. Drawing on his background as a business coach, yoga teacher and music facilitator, he has led hundreds of men to unearth their truth, inner genius and passion through his online educational courses and masculine rites of passage.

During the COVID crisis of 2020, Andrew was deep in a creative cave developing the Masculine Embodiment Facilitator Training and Certification, a 3-month course for men ready to step into authentic leadership and launch their career in men's work. Geared toward men with spiritual services, this program brings together Andrew’s 20 years of experience in teaching, yoga, music facilitation, business development, sociology and men’s work.

Andrew, his wife and daughter homestead in Central Oregon where they can be found hiking in the forest and making music in their sacred studio.

Meet Our Faculty

Get schooled by these expert facilitators from a variety of fields.


Community organizer

Kokayi Nosakhere

Kokayi is a leader of light-based workers around the globe who present solutions, rather than focus on problems. He is an award-winning, life-long grassroots community organizer fully committed to the fight for equity and human rights. His reach has positively affected school meal access legislation, fair ballot polling distribution and community anti-violence.

Tim Norman

Shadow & trauma awareness

Tim Norman LCSW, M.Ed.

Tim is the founder and owner of the ATTN Center. Before becoming a psychotherapist, Tim was a public school teacher in the South Bronx. He also managed curriculum development for the non-profit men’s health and leadership group The ManKind Project, where he currently serves as a lead facilitator with Shadow Work training.

Honoring The Voices Of Dissent

Scroll below through the three most common objections that tend to come up for men. If they don't resonate for you, feel free to skip over this section.

"I'm Not In A Position To Make A Financial Investment"

The truth is: few men ever are. Probably less than .01% of men have a "men's leadership training" budget allotment.

The truth also is: if a man wants this (or any) training badly enough, he will find a way to make the financials work. Men in the past have taken out credit lines, asked family-members or friends for loans, and even created GoFundMe campaigns. Not one time has he ever regretted it.

The big question is: how does the belief of "I'm not worth the investment" show up in other arenas in your life?

You are invited to stretch the limits of your giving--this is the only way to stretch your capacity to receive.

Many men earn their investment back in the first few months of the program. Other men earn it back over time through the clarity and confidence gained in this program.

Whenever and however, this program may be the greatest investment you've ever made in yourself and give you returns of a nature you've never before imagined.

"I Don't Have The Time Or Energy To Build A Men's Work Community"

When you align your lifestyle with you purpose, magic happens. You will access endless creative life force energy and boundless inspiration. Work is no longer work, but simply an extension of your personal practice.

Getting on late-night or early-morning calls no longer will drain you. Spending time connecting on social media will no longer dull you. Networking at events will not longer drag you down. It will all be for a reason.

Aligning daily action with your vision will fill up your tank, not deplete it.

"This Won't Fly With My Partner"

This objection is for you if you share decision-making authority with another person.

Making a sizable time and money commitment can be nerve-wracking to a family dynamic. And often, this is just the shake-up that families need to break out of stagnant dynamics.

If you are in a joint-partnership, before enrolling in this training you are required either a) to get approval from your spouse or b) to create a new decision-making paradigm.

For some men, this means having the conversation that you have been avoiding with your partner. Look at this as an opportunity.

Shift the conversation from, "Can I have your permission" to "Will you partner with me on this?" 

This moment may be a defining moment for both of you and your relationship.

What Sets Masculine Embodiment Training Apart From Other Programs

Men's work facilitation is a growing field. There aren't a ton of options out there, but there are a few. Here are a few ways that the Masculine Embodiment Facilitator Training and Certification is different.

MEF Training

  • Inner-work first, always: This is the only way to truly lead.
  • Practice-Based: Daily posture, breath, voice & mindset work.
  • Privilege Sensitivity: BIPOC guest teacher & tithing practice.
  • Rigorous Curriculum: 3-months + retreat + practicum (~150 hrs)
  • 1-on-1 Mentorship: Private sessions, all with lead instructor.
  • Therapist-Reviewed: All protocols are trauma-informed.
  • Professional Dev. Included: Course designed for program launch.
  • Guest Experts: Teachers from a variety of disciplines.

Other Trainings

  • Skills training first: "Inner work later, if you want to."
  • Conceptual learning:  Heady, theoretical curriculum.
  • Privilege Blindness: No allyship discussion nor $ giveback.
  • Barebones Program: 2-months or less; limited integration work.
  • Mentorship Not Included: Private calls only available for extra $.
  • Irresponsible Processes: Shadow work often isn't integrated.
  • Facilitation Skills Only: No business savvy training included.
  • 1 Lecturer: Mono-perspective education, lack of diversity.

What's Included In The 3-Month Masculine Embodiment Facilitator Training And Certification

  • 12 Group Training Modules (120 mins, Zoom)
  • Two 1-on-1 Mentorship Sessions w/ Lead Instructor (60 mins, Zoom)
  • Masculine Embodiment Facilitation Manual (PDF)
  • Weekly Home Study Assignments
  • 2-Day In-Person or Virtual Weekend Intensive
  • Lifetime Access to the MEF Exclusive Online Community
  • Mandatory Peer Practice and Review
  • Official MEF Certification (hard copy and PDF)
  • Facilitation Slot in Men's Work Monday Rotation

Our Commitment To Anti-Oppression and Inclusivity

Masculine Embodiment Facilitator Training and Certification is committed to standing up to the systematic oppression of marginalized individuals and communities. As part of this commitment, we offer scholarships to BIPOC, GBTQ, non-cis and individuals from other less privileged communities. In addition, a portion of tuition proceeds go to the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this training for men only?

What are the program dates?

What days/times are the calls?

What if I can't make all of the calls?

What is tuition price?

What if I want more 1-on-1 support?

If I take the program, should I work with men only?

Do I have to get certified in order to complete the training?

What are the benefits of becoming MEF certified?

Is there an additional cost for the certification?

On what basis are applicants accepted/rejected?

P.S.: If you would like more details, they will be provided for you on a complimentary phone call with an advisor. Submit an application by clicking here and someone will be in touch with you to answer any questions you have.

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